Who is Anna Mourou

Anna Mourou is a sailor and change leader within the boating industry.

She founded the successful organisation and female sailing and boating network She Captain. Its mission is to charge women with bravery and practical experiences to make them freer in their boat life. 

Anna is also the creator and ambassador of the international project More Women at Sea, created in collaboration with Dream Yacht Charter. 

Anna's mission is to make a change in the boating industry's views and communication to women, and to inspire everyone to have more fun out at sea. Thru lectures, articles and collaborative projects she teaches the boating industry about communication to women, sharing her vast knowledge in strategic communication to make more women feel included in the boating world.

Thru She Captain she also arranges large scale flotillas and sailing adventures for women. Based on the results from She Capatian's research on what women needs to be freer out at sea, the flotillas provides that practical experience in a safe environnment.

Anna is a price winning creative director within strategic communication, brand building and brand experience. Preparing for a sailing adventure of her own, she shifted focus in her career 2018 to work more closely with the boating industry. Anna creates content for her partners and is a charismatic change leader getting More Women At Sea. 

To learn more about Anna in her role as a sailor, She Captain founder, More Women At Sea Ambassador and general firecracker, visit Instagram @annamourou or click below

To learn more about Anna in her role as a Strategic Creative Director, visit LinkedIN, or click below

And if you speak Swedish, listen to the podcast Mäktiga Kvinnor ep 55 on Spotify. In this interview Anna tells it all.

That type of Anna easy going straight forward talk she is known for. Just click below and enjoy.

What Anna does

Anna creates strategic communications projects for her clients, all to drive brand awareness and increase sales. It can be collaborations with She Captain, More Women at Sea, or projects with Anna as the ambassador.

Anna also produces content for her clients, gives inspiring and knowledgefilled lectures as well as hosts and produces events. 

And yes, she dances too.

To understand more what Anna can do for you, or for press requests, send her an email.

Also make sure to check out her schedule below so you can meet up when she is in your area.

What is She Captain

Where is Anna next?

Corsica Classics - France, Aug 25 - Sep 2nd

Anna will join as crew on the boat Swedish boat Hild. Its a 120 year old gaff rigged Cutter skippered by Per Landin. Corsica Classics starts in Bonifacia south Corsica, and then sails up along the east coast, doing stops in beautiful Corsican towns all the way. 

For meetups send an email!

She Captain Flotilla - Stokholm Sweden, Sep 4th- 6th

She Captains annual flottila in Stockholm Sweden. 2019 we where 130 women on 35 boats.

This year its Corona rules so 50 women only. We where looking forward to breaking last years record. But we will do that next year ;-)

Send an email if you want to join!

Les Voiles d'Antibes - France, Sep 16th-20th 

Anna fell in love with everything about Classic regattas and will try and join as many as she can during this automn. Hopefully continue crewing on Hild. But also sailing other amazing boats as in Corsica where Anna had an explosive encounter with Mister Fips.

Send an emailif you want to join!

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez - France, Sep 28th-Oct 4th 

This is THE Classic Regatta to be at. So many beautiful boats and people.

CORONA restrictions still so lets hope the event will take place.

For meetups end an email!

She Captain Flottila - Greece, Oct 10-17th - CANCELLED DUE TO CORONA

Our fifth She Captain Flottilla in the Med. This year we open up one boat for international sailors from all over the world. So make sure you join or send your sister, mother, wife to do so :-)

For more info send an email!

Stella Oceani - Cadiz to Canaries, Oct 31st-Nov 8th 

Stella Oceani is star navigation, sextant only. The race is created by amazing sailor and influencer Paula Gonzalvo, who has becomed a close sailing friend to Anna. The winner of the Stella Oceani is not the boat that sails the best, but the one with the most accurate positing thruout therace. 

Send an email if you want to know more!

Carribean 2020/2021

Anna plans to sail this waters. She is yet to figure out when and how. Maybe another She Captain flotilla, maybe a sailing adveture of her own..

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