Keynote speaker, moderator, entertainer.

Stage and on camera.

"Im here to educate, entertain and contribute to an inclusive workspace

adding some sassy female power to the stages of the corporate world."



I was captivated by your lecture. You floored me, in so many ways. I laughed, thought, laughed again and shed a tear.

You did so much more than just inpire. You made me get going and start changing my brain, doing the update work. Unbelievably awesome”

Visitor in my inbox

- Lenovo Imagine 2023



"Anna lead us thru the intricate threads of business strategy during our rebranding launch, then smoothly transitioning into evening entertainment, reaching every corner of the room with her wit, charm, and cool persona. With a strong presence that gets the rooms attention, she handles even the most serious topics with a spark of humor, leaving a lasting impression and great reviews from the guest"

Anna Albinsson

- CCO Avoki



"Anna was host of Swedbank Women in Tech’s second annual Hackathon. She supported with event processes and strategy that increased the quality of the production without a big impact on the budget! Anna lit up the stage like a worldstar so it’s no surprise the event garnered a Net Promoter Score of 83! World class"

Abigale Wheatley
- Board Member Swedbank Women in Tech 

I'm a +20 years creative director and content producer within event and brand building.

Being called the tech industrys favorite producer Im proud to work with returning clients such as Klarna, Lenovo, Netlight, Women in tech and more.

As a host and moderator, I support my clients with everything

from busniess strategic topics and learning, to inspiring lectures and evening entertainment. 

I'm a former journalist, artist, tv host, dancer and comedienne that always strives to put all my talents to work in each project. 

With my vast knowledge and interest in gender, inclusion, sustainability and brandbuilding, I always make sure we do not only speak the brand, we make it come alive. 


Host / Moderator

"Just add Anna "

Moderating and hosting all types of stage and oncamera broadcasts.

Journalism background. Script writing and support in learning processes and agenda flow .

Speaker coaching for ceo teams and internal speakers. 


Keynote Speaker

"How to update your AI brain - AI and humanity"

We are stepping into a new era. With AI here to do the base brainwork for us, its our time to develop the human in us, the talents AI can never replace. So what is AI teaching us about who we are? 

Other topics:

- Walk the Talk, How employees becomes the brand 

- Gender & inclusion in communication & event

- Mental fitness at work 

- Worklife with adhd 
- She Captain, How to make a digital brand come to life 



Strategy & Creativity 

With me on stage you can always add my brain and network of subcontractors to any internal or bureau team for co producer support. 

"Just add Anna", one of my clients said after bringing their last minute event to a well produced sucess. 

Its true. 

Being a producer I will always care about each project from all perspectives. 
I will always give of my knowledge.

Ready to fix anything.

But its on stage where I leave my mark. 

I belive its the combination of talents that makes the impact. 

A business savvy fast brain with a comedienne flavour, looking like a sensual Ice Spice while calmlingly stearing the agenda like a Captain on a stormy sea.

When you book me I'll dive deep into your brands values and industrys trends so I can give life to your messages and infuse it with the sense of urgency that is needed.

Thats one of the things I love about this job. Having to constantly educate myself to become the client, getting to learn about so many different companies and industries. 


Mindset and perfomance | How to change you

I help people transform.

Change the way they work, change the way they think, change opinions, their whole lifes.

I'm educated as a ICF certified coach, PhD behavioral science org.change, Non Violent Communication,

Mental trainer, AHDH expert, Performance coach, Breathwork, Spirituality, Femininity.

My latest lecture about AI and humanity has been very appreciated and Im super excited about it. 

80% of our brain functions are the same as AI.

And just like promting AI we have to promt ourselves, to create the emotions, thoughts and believes we want for ourselves. 

If you want to perform better at work, have more security in your team, grow in your leadership, feel better about work, about yourself, then the key is taking control over that brain. 

That is what AI is here to teach us, what it is to be human.

And well, I still sing jazz, with some dance..

So this Jazzgirl is ready when you are.

I'll add a section here soon.

Im so glad you read this whole thing. Yey.

Now find me on LinkedIn or Instagram, send me an email and lets talk.