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Online article Jun 2019

Online article Aug 2019

Sailing around the world

In March this year, Dream Yacht Charter launched our #MoreWomenatSea campaign, with the aim to help get more women sailor voices out there to inspire and encourage more women to sail. We also announced our partnership with Anna Mourou, founder of the successful woman sailor network, She Captain, for her three-year circumnavigation. We caught up with Anna to find out more about her upcoming voyage…

Why did you decide to take on a circumnavigation?

Have you ever wondered if it’s actually possible to just get out of society, leaving your job and taking your loved ones on a long-term voyage to go explore the world and enrich your life? I have wondered for a long time and have finally decided to do just that....go to article

How charter management can help you sail around the world

Boat owner, Anna Mourou, founder of the successful woman sailor network, She Captain, recently bought her boat with Dream Yacht Charter. Anna shares with us how she went about researching charter management programs in the run-up to her three-year circumnavigation, which begins next year….

 Why did you choose a charter management program?

In June next year, 2020, I will start my circumnavigation and I’ll share with you all my decision-making to give all you sailors out there help and advice. Let’s start with the most important decision you need to make, what boat should I choose and how can I afford it?....go to article

Online article Mar 2018

Women need more role models to become comfident sailors

We caught up with Anna Mourou Lange, Founder of She Captain, a network organisation that is encouraging and helping women worldwide to take the helm, learn from each other and be confident sailors. Anna told us how women are feeling about sailinggo to article

Online article Sep 2019

One way sailing from La Rochelle to Sardinia

I have a tendency to say yes to adventure even if it’s out of my comfort zone. To do things that you are afraid of is a part of being a sailor. You can never just give up when things go wrong – it’s all about coming up with the solution, and then the reward is so much greater. 

I said yes when Dream Yacht Charter asked if I could deliver a brand new Lucia 40 catamaran from the factory in La Rochelle, France, to Dream Yacht Charter’s base in Sardinia, Italy.

Have I sailed those waters before? No, not really and a couple of times vacation sailing in the Mediterranean doesn’t really count. But I am preparing for a circumnavigation starting next year and I have sailed the Baltic all my life, so I figured, how hard can it be?... go to article


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The She Captain story and about Annas preparations for her circumnavigation. Podcast in swedish.

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Women Entreprenourship Day

Headspeaker. The She Captain Story thru its challenges of running an all female organisation and conflicts.

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